Sunset Mystery, 2022

My name is Jennifer and I'm the artist and writer behind Wicker and Tea. I created this blog a few years back with the intention of sharing lifestyle content. However, what I discovered along the way is that what most inspires me is imagery, writing and creating fine art photography.

I have an appreciation for all things vintage, antique, and Victorian. I enjoy frequenting my local flee markets where I collect unique pieces for my home and photography layouts. I always seem to find myself drawn to these timeless elements and intrigued by the rich history in what lies behind.

I have a lifelong background in writing and have published articles in both print and digital form. I've had the privilege to work with different organizations, assisting them with branding and communications. One of my most enriching experiences came while working with a woman's non-profit in my local area where I got to know many wonderful and inspiring ladies. 

A desire to cultivate my spirituality lead me to embrace Islam and I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, family and faith. We happily reside in Michigan with our two cats and enjoy the changing seasons and lush landscape- which further influences my creative work.

Here you will find some of my latest photography and I'll also be sharing some of my thoughts and perceptions in blog posts.    


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